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NSynchro This program is designed to synchronize (update) files and folders. Often there is a need to search, compare and update different versions of the same files in different directories, including on different media. The proposed program allows you to automate this routine process. It is sufficient to specify a list of folders as input data, and the program will search for files with the same name in the specified directions, compare times of modification of files, and replace the earlier version with the later one. Generally speaking, what happens is the following. Suppose that in the evenings at home you work on compiling a large document located in the folder C:My Documents. At work, you continue editing it, but there it is located in the folder E:Documents end SettingsUserUsers DocumentsOther, besides you need a fresh copy in the network directory MainBusinessCenter4655. At the same time, you have a removable USB drive where a copy of this document is located in the .Doc directory. On the home machine, the removable device is identified as drive F:, and on the work machine, as drive K: And you have several such documents:) Having installed this program on both computers, you will be able to forget these addresses, updating the file version at any convenient time for you with the click of a button. The program is designed to work under Windows 9x/NT/XP.There are two operating modes of the program: file synchronization and directory synchronization. In the first mode, the search and comparison is made between two lists of directories only by file name, regardless of the full path, while it does not copy the files found in one list and missing in the other. In the second mode, the search of subdirectories with the same names, but different full paths, on both lists and synchronize their contents. Thus there is both updating of existing versions of files and copying of files found in one list and absent in the other. Before performance of synchronization the program gives out the message on quantity of found files which are subject to updating. The process of synchronization is accompanied by visual indications of the indicator. At the end of the process the report is displayed, which can be saved in a text file. It is possible to enable filters on file extensions and their attributes, i.e. to synchronize files of a certain type. Comparatively small volume of the program and lack of necessity of installation allows keeping it with you at all times on removable drives, for example, USB flash drives. The program can work with any type of disks displayed in the standard Windows directory tree (including removable and network (mapped) disks). Attention! Corrected errors in the context menu and timer.



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15 years ago
Attention! Fixed errors related to the work of the context menu and timer.