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Tile Builder 1.5 Tile Builder is a Photoshop-compatible plugin for generating seamless background images developed by ImageSkill. This program is especially useful for designers, artists, web-site developers, photographers and computer graphics enthusiasts. With its help you can create professional-looking tiles to use them as backgrounds in web pages, elements of scenery and design. Creating a variety of tiles with Tile Builder is now a simple task: select one of 17 methods, click Apply and you get a tile that you can save in one of the graphic formats and use as you see fit.

To create a tile, the plugin uses only a part of the image (the generator) whose shape depends on the selected method, so even from a single image you can get an infinite number of tiles. The part of the image you choose is repeated using symmetry operations (transfer, rotation and mirroring). The plugin has unique features: you can change the size, position and shape of the generator, adjust the overlap of generators. You can see the resulting rectangular tile, resize it and at the same time see in the preview window how the filling with such a tile will look like. The resulting rectangular tile you can save in BMP, JPEG, PNG format for later use. The plugin has a simple installation and uninstallation procedure, a brief help and a guide on how to use it.


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