Download Transnavicom Satellite Map of Zurich

Transnavicom Satellite Map of Zurich

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Transnavicom Satellite Map of Zurich is a demo version of the Zurich Satellite Map! The latest developments and advanced experience of Transnavicom company, professionalism of our specialists, aspiration and desire to do what we love - gives us the opportunity to create such high quality and unique products! Look at the reality! Satellite maps from the company "Transnavikom" - dreams come true! In the demo-version you can get acquainted with one of Zurich districts, use address search functions to measure the distance between any number of points.

The spatial resolution of 60 centimeters per pixel allows you to see buildings, even the tiniest street curves, cars, road markings, and crowds of people on Zurich's streets. Multi-level zoom allows you to zoom in and out almost instantly from a general view of the city center to a view that lets you see house configurations. Fast motion makes it easy to navigate the map in any direction. The movement is synchronized with the movement of the "mouse" pointer in its entirety and without any freezes on the monitor screen.

Search system by street name and postal address of the house. Information about an object is displayed. Hovering the cursor over an object (street, house) displays a tooltip with information about it. Functional window Navigator, facilitating orientation and movement on the map. Measurement of real distances on the map between any number of points set in succession Prints any fragment of the map at the selected scale.

Interchangeable intuitive interface of the program. Ability to choose the language of the program: English, German, Russian. All elements of the interface are displayed in the chosen language: messages, prompts, names of objects in the information bases (streets, districts).


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