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License: Free for Windows
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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
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Description Professional Professional is a set of tools designed to improve the performance of your MS Windows operating system and keep it at a high level throughout its lifetime. The program includes the following tools: Clean Uninstaller. Tool for removing software correctly, monitoring changes made after installing programs on your hard drive, in the registry and system files. Scan Files. A tool for periodically cleaning your computer's hard drive from temporary and unused files, as well as from broken shortcuts left after various software operations and cluttering up the hard drive. Scan Registry. Tool for periodic cleaning of MS Windows registry from unused registry entries left after uninstalling applications and wrong keys, which increase boot time and decrease system performance. Start Up Manager. Startup Manager that allows you to add, remove and modify hidden entries of applications launched while the operating system is booting. Tweak UI. A set of advanced tweaks and features, affecting security, performance and usability of the operating system and not included into standard MS Windows delivery. Net Tweaker. A tool designed to increase data transfer speed and stability by changing hidden network settings. The Privacy. A tool that allows you to work on your computer without leaving any traces of your activity. It consists of three main parts: "Objects to Erase, Invisible Man and File Shredder.


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