1Password will help to check whether passwords were stolen by intruders

26 February 2018
Good news for 1Password users. Thanks to the latest innovation, the program allows you not only to keep your passwords in a safe place, but also to make sure they are secure.For this purpose, the password manager has acquired a special function. It allows you to check certain passwords in order to find out if they have ever been stolen by intruders. For this purpose, 1Password checks them against a database of Pwned Passwords service, provided by Troy Hunt - an expert in network security. The aforementioned database includes over 500 million passwords, which have fallen into the hands of cybercriminals as a result of past hacks. At the same time, the developers claim that the test is perfectly safe. The fact is that a user's password is not shared with any third party. In order to perform the verification, the program hashes it using the SHA-1 algorithm and transfers the first 5 characters of the resulting 40-character hash to Pwned Passwords. Then, the service returns the list of the passwords beginning with the same five characters, which have been stolen by the attackers before. Further, 1Password compares the results on the user's device. It is worth noting that even if the program determines that a password has previously fallen into the wrong hands, it does not necessarily mean that the user's account has been compromised. It only means that someone else was using the same password and was a victim of hackers. Everyone can try out the new feature. In 1Password for Windows, this requires pressing Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C and then on "Check Password" or "Check Password", and on macOS the key combination Shift-Control-Option-C is used for this.