Spotify plans to release its own smart speaker

22 February 2018
Representatives of one of the most popular streaming music services - Spotify, announced their intention to begin production of their own smart speakers.Rumors about the possible development of Spotify own music device have been around for quite some time, but they have only now received confirmation. The fact is that the company has opened several vacancies, the description of one of which indicates the soon start of sales of music gadgets. In this connection, Spotify needs a specialist, who will be responsible for the launch of the new project, as well as to manage the logistics, delivery and customer service. Unfortunately, there is no information about what kind of device will soon be released on the market yet. However, many publications are confident that it will be a smart speaker. It is unknown only which of the existing voice assistants this gadget will please potential buyers. Interestingly, there is also some possibility that Spotify will create its own assistant.