The Yandex.Drive carsharing service has been launched in Moscow

22 February 2018

As many have probably heard, Yandex has promised to launch a short-term car rental service in February of this year. The month is coming to an end and some have already begun to suspect that the developers will not meet the deadline. Nevertheless, the company still fulfilled the promise and the carsharing service called Yandex.Drive finally became available for residents and guests of Moscow and the region.

The new service will allow everyone to quickly find and reserve a car for short trips around Moscow and the region. Yandex.Drive has a total of 750 cars, including the new Kia Rio, Kia Rio X-Line and Renault Kaptur. The branded application will help to book a vehicle, as well as turn on the heating in advance and find a convenient route to its location.

The cost of renting a car starts at 5 rubles per minute. In this case, it is fixed at the time of booking and can not change during the trip. Subsequently, the service will get a fixed rate. The fare includes payment for gasoline, parking, and insurance (OSAGO and KASKO). In addition, during the trip, the health and life of the driver and passengers are insured up to 2 million rubles.

It is reported that at the start of the service, you can leave the car and complete the lease inside the Moscow Ring Road, in several city districts, as well as at the Sheremetyevo airport parking lot. Over time, this list will expand.

In order to start using the new carsharing service, it is necessary to install the Yandex.Drive application on your mobile device.