Microsoft has released a re-release of the legendary Age of Empires

21 February 2018
Finally the thing that many fans of the Age of Empires series have been waiting for has happened. The first re-release of the legendary strategy was called Definitive Edition.The long-awaited re-release got improved graphics with 4K resolution, an improved gameplay, a new 40-hour campaign, the ability to arrange the network battles for 8 players, and also got a built-in scenario editor. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is available only to PC users running Windows 10. The fact that you can only buy the strategy in the Microsoft Store at a price of $19.99, or 419 rubles, depending on the region. Recall that earlier Microsoft accused Valve that AoE: Definitive Edition will not be available on Steam. The reason for this was the lack of support for the Xbox Live, which will be required for the game. If the companies will not find a way to solve the problem of the lack of network interaction between users who bought "Age of Empires" in different stores, indulge in nostalgia and will continue to be only Windows 10 users. It is worth adding that Microsoft originally planned to release a re-release of Age of Empires for the 20th anniversary of the strategy, in October 2017. Apparently, something went wrong and the developers did not meet the deadline.