An 8K TV with 2 screens? Hisense 85U9E introduced

19 March 2020

The developers from Hisense decided to surprise the public. It is reported that the company has announced an unusual TV. Hisense 85U9E has a diagonal of 85 inches and strikes with its design.

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The novelty has two screens. The size of the main one is shown above. The 28-inch secondary is located below. It is always active and displays useful information. For example, the current time, weather forecast and more. There is a voice control.

However, the upper panel is more interesting. It pleases with a resolution of 7680 by 4320 pixels (8K format). Support for HDR and 10-bit color display is also declared. The refresh rate is 120 Hz.

In addition, we can hope for Delta E<1 and contrast ratio of 80 000:1. The brightness is claimed to be 2500 cd/m2. The Mini-LED backlight deserves special praise. There are 1694 separate zones. They are controlled by a separate chip.

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Other "stuffing" of the TV is also impressive. Hidden in the casing is a high-performance dual-core processor with an AI unit. Artificial intelligence improves the image by restoring missing details.

Among other things, there is 4 GB of RAM. The amount of built-in flash storage is 128 GB. Android Pie acts as the OS. The picture is completed with speakers with a capacity of 110 watts.

The price of Hisense 85U9E bites. The device belongs to the class of premium. The price for the product is around 11 thousand dollars. In rubles, the amount turns out to be obscene.