AliExpress started blocking accounts for frequent disputes

14 August 2018
According to the Izvestia newspaper, the popular Chinese shopping site AliExpress has begun to block the accounts of users from Russia. The reason for this is suspected fraud.As you know, according to the rules of AliExpress, a buyer can open a dispute and demand a partial or full refund if the purchased goods do not match the description, are broken, or for a number of other reasons. To do so, it is only necessary to describe the situation and provide convincing evidence. Nevertheless, many buyers have begun to abuse the trust of sellers. It turned out that many buyers open disputes unjustifiably and get a significant profit in the process. Moreover, videos with instructions on how to cheat sellers on AliExpress and receive goods for free began to circulate on the web. Of course, this did not go unnoticed by the representatives of the trading platform and resulted in a wave of blocking. Users of AliExpress are subject to blocking, distinguished by a large number of disputes: for example, for 10 orders they have about 7-9 appeals for a refund. Such "businessmen" are not simply deprived of their account. The marketplace enters their address and full name in the blacklist, which will not allow them to reorder on AliExpress. Representatives of the marketplace said that blocking the accounts of users from Russia is not massive, so only those who are used to open disputes to cheat sellers or for nothing should be afraid of being blacklisted.