"VKontakte announced a major privacy reform

14 August 2018
It's no secret that reposting a favorite picture or post on social media can land you in the dock. Often, this also applies to seemingly innocuous materials. In this regard, the representatives of the social network "VKontakte" announced a major privacy reform that would protect users from criminal cases for reposting.Andrei Rogozov - Managing Director of "VKontakte" told about the upcoming changes. According to him, the social network will soon allow users to make their profiles fully closed, accessible only to friends. In addition, the social network will hide the list of people who have made a repost of this or that record, making the relevant list open only to the author of the publication. According to Rogozov, although the team of the social network is required to comply with Russian laws and assist in the search for real criminals, it does not support unjustified persecution for publications in social networks. He also noted that law enforcement agencies often do not take into account the context and can equate joke pictures to dangerous criminal offenses. It is worth adding that, according to the statement of the managing director of "VKontakte", the service has already begun to introduce additional measures limiting access to user materials. An opportunity to make one's profile closed to all, except for friends, will appear for everyone within a month.