Opera desktop version will have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet

13 August 2018
As many of you have probably heard, back in July Opera introduced a built-in cryptocurrency wallet in its mobile browser. This innovation was warmly welcomed by users. In this regard, the company announced a similar innovation in Opera PC version.Thus, due to the innovation, Opera users will be able to work with digital money, without installing any additional applications or special extensions. All they need to do this is to connect their browser with the digital wallet by means of a QR code. It is known that browser users will be able to use their smartphone to store private keys and confirm transactions with a fingerprint scanner. It is worth adding that, like the mobile version of the browser, the desktop Opera supports only Ethereum and coins created on its basis. It is expected that in the future the number of supported cryptocurrencies will be increased. The innovation will be available to all comers in the near future. Those who want to try it among the first - it is recommended to install the current version of Opera for Windows and follow the updates.