AliExpress is required to assign a tracking number for all shipments

08 February 2017
For sure, many people have bought a certain product through AliExpress more than once. The wide assortment and relatively low prices are still attracting more and more users to the trading platform. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for purchased items not to reach the buyer, and it was impossible to track their movement. Finally, AliExpress have been obliged to assign a track number for each shipment, worth more than $ 2.New delivery terms, which became known since the middle of last month, began to work on February 7. Now, for the delivery to Russia, the goods costing more than $ 2 dollars will be mandatorily provided with a track-code, necessary to track their location. This also means that the usual free "economy-delivery" for these goods will not be available, because providing the above code is a paid service. In addition, in order to improve the quality of delivery services and reduce the cost of sending goods to our country, begins a new option: "AliExpress Worry Logistics - Simple". As the name implies, the retailer itself is responsible for it. However, on the territory of Russia in this role is "Russian Post". It is worth adding that these changes are also in force for the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. The only difference is the mandatory provision of track codes for all goods, regardless of their value.