Viber has a function for sending secret messages

08 February 2017
Good news for all Viber users: now the messenger allows sending photos and videos with a limited time of existence.This became possible thanks to the introduction of a new function that allows sending secret messages. Now, the user can specify the availability time of the sent photos: 1, 3, 7 or 10 seconds. After the expiration of the specified time the recipient will still see the incoming picture, but will not be able to view it. The same way this function works with the video: you can set the allowed number of views, after which the video will be unavailable. The new function will be useful in those cases when it is necessary to share some material with another person but not to save it in the archive. It is known that the function works in both individual and group chats. You can send in the form of secret messages not only existing photos and videos from the gallery, but also new ones by creating them with the help of the gadget camera, directly through Viber. Sending secret messages is already available for users of mobile devices running Android and iOS. To try out the new feature in practice, you only need to install the current version of the messenger on your gadget.