Signal messenger will feature voice and video calls

09 February 2017
Many people have probably heard about Signal messenger, which was once praised by Edward Snowden for its level of protection. Despite its growing popularity, the program's feature set remains quite modest compared to its competitors. It seems that soon the developers will correct this injustice, because voice and video call functions are already available in the beta version of the messenger.As it has been recently reported, users of gadgets running Android that installed the beta version of the messenger can try the voice and video calls. To use the experimental feature, you must first activate it in the settings, and you must do this both interlocutors. It is worth adding that in order to get access to voice and video call functions, you must first register in the beta program. As for the Apple gadget users, the beta Signal, which will be available the above mentioned features, will be released in the near future. Those who are not planning to install the unstable version of the messenger on their mobile device are advised to follow the news of the program and wait for the release of the next update.