New version of Opera browser loads web pages as you type their addresses

09 February 2017
Opera developers continue to delight users with interesting and useful features of the browser. Thus, the recently released new version of the program number 43 has already been called the fastest ever released, thanks to the introduction of instant page loading technology and the compiler optimization mechanism of the program.Previously, the increase in page loading speed was achieved by introducing ad blocking tools, but the latest innovations in Opera work differently. The algorithm underlying the technology of instant page loading predicts the address of a web-site as soon as the user enters it, and then starts loading the page in the background mode. As for the above-mentioned compiler optimization mechanism (Profile Guided Optimization), it helps increase the speed of the program on Windows computers. PGO is designed to teach the compiler to find the most important scripts for the user, so that the browser can run them first. This, in its turn, reduces CPU usage and considerably accelerates the program's work: Opera specialists have accelerated browser's launch on test equipment by 13%, as well as the engine's performance by 60,3%, compared with the previous version.Besides, the developers have prepared one more pleasant surprise. The new Opera will also please users with the appearance of the classic way of selecting links. This means that you can finally forget about accidental activation of links when trying to copy their text. Vertical selection is now available to move a link, while horizontal selection is available to select and copy text. All of the above features are already available to everyone and all you need to do to try them out is to install the current version of the Opera browser.