Official support for Windows Vista will end this spring

10 February 2017
The official extended support for Windows Vista will end in two months. It means that since April 11th of this year to get updates of the operating system or technical help from Microsoft employees will be impossible.Ever since the release in 2007, Vista was received negatively by the majority of users. The main reasons for that were excessive system requirements and compatibility problems with drivers and different software. There are those who liked the new operating system, but their number was insignificant and has only been decreasing so far. Thus, if we believe the data Net Applications, now the market share of Vista is only 0.84%. Recall that the sale of Windows Vista ended in 2010, and a year later it became impossible to purchase a PC, on which this OS is preinstalled. Then, in 2012, the official support for the operating system came to an end. Despite this, users could count on extended support, which will end only on April 11 this year. After this deadline, the outdated OS will cease to receive all sorts of patches and updates, including for security. This means that a computer running Vista will become more vulnerable to viruses and other threats and users will have to solve these problems on their own. All those who have not yet switched from Vista to a more modern operating system are recommended to do so before April 11. It is worth adding that the next in line will be Windows 7, which will receive the last security update on January 14, 2020. So fans of "Seven" still have some time before Microsoft will force them to give up their favorite OS in favor of the new product.