The Duma will consider a bill to block "mirrors" of pirate sites

10 February 2017
Pirate sites have been blocked in Russia for quite some time. However, the issue of "mirrors" of such resources remained unresolved. It seems that the situation may change as early as next week.The point is that the bill on blocking "mirrors" of sites with pirated content will be submitted to the State Duma by the end of next week. If it is passed, the existing mechanism for blocking sites in Runet will be further developed for a more effective fight against piracy on the Web and the protection of copyrights. It will be recalled that even after blocking a site with illegal content, its "copies" would immediately appear online and could not be automatically blocked under the current law. Previously it was necessary to file new lawsuits. Now, copyright holders will be able to make lists of "mirrors" of various resources to be blocked, after which authorized specialists will be able to close access to all of them at once.