WhatsApp has a two-step verification feature

13 February 2017
After a fairly long period of testing, WhatsApp developers have made two-factor authentication available to all users of the messenger on both Android and iOS.After activating the two-step verification function in the settings, the program will require a six-digit code. It will be required when trying to log in to the account using the phone number, using a new gadget. Thus, an intruder won't be able to access a user's account without knowing the password. Of course, if the specified code has slipped your mind, you will not have to create a new account: you can easily reset it, if the e-mail address was specified. It is worth adding that the program will help users not to forget the specified code. To do this, it will periodically require entering it even if the device change did not happen. It is difficult to say for sure how often you will have to enter the password, but it is most likely that the corresponding request will appear once a week. Everyone can already try the two-step verification and protect their account in WhatsApp. To do this, you just need to enter the settings of the program, select the item "Account", and then - "Two-step verification".