Valve will close Steam Greenlight this spring

13 February 2017
Valve recently made not the most unpleasant announcement for the developers of games. The fact is that this spring the Steam Greenlight program, which allows you to quickly and easily add your creation to the Steam catalog, will cease to exist.Over the years of the aforementioned program, the catalog of games in Steam has increased significantly. Thus, more than 100 products, initially published in Greenlight, and then approved by the message, have already collected more than $ 1 million. At the same time, according to the representatives of Valve, if the program wasn't launched, it is unlikely that these games would have seen the light or at least got into Steam. Of course, not all games which got into Greenlight deserve attention. Many developers are trying to promote even the most absurd things, and unfortunately this number is not the only one. In this case, in the pursuit of profit, gamemakers are not embarrassed by the need to pay $100 for the publication of the product in the program: oddly enough, many players are ready to buy any game, if its cost can be recouped by the sale of earned collectible cards. So, for sure, many Steam users will breathe a sigh of relief when Greenlight closes its doors. However, it is already known that Valve will not leave its many users without a source of new, interesting games from independent developers. Greenlight will be replaced by Steam Direct. From its predecessor it will differ in the first place, an increased fee for the publication of games: from $ 100 it may rise to 5000 dollars per product. These measures should help in the fight against low-quality content. In any case, the final amount that will be charged from the developers, has not been named and Valve will reveal more details about Steam Direct in the next few months.