Windows 10 Mobile detected a lock screen bug that allows access to the gallery

14 February 2017

Many people have heard about the iOS 9.3.1 vulnerability that allowed them to bypass Apple's lock screen. A similar bug was recently discovered in Microsoft's mobile operating system.

The discovery of the new bug was reported by the Brazilian site WindowsTeam. According to them, one Windows 10 Mobile user: Michael Wallace (@wallace_cane), discovered a way to access images and video recordings from the gadget gallery bypassing the lock screen. This means that anyone can view the user's photos without even knowing the PIN set on the device. Of course, by "anyone" we mean only those who know a rather tricky way.

The fact is that bypassing the PIN-code entry is only possible in the following way: using a locked device, you need to take a picture and open its preview, and then delete it by clicking on the icon with the image of a trash garbage can. After that, you must click on the "back" button and reopen the preview. This time, the deleted image will not be displayed and the user will only see a black screen. However, by going back and clicking on the preview image again, you will be able to access the entire gallery of the device.

It is also reported that this bug affects not only participants of the pre-testing program, but also owners of gadgets with the installed final version of the operating system. However, in the latest Windows 10 Mobile insider build at the moment, this vulnerability has already been fixed.