An American built a portable battle laser

16 March 2020

What were the wars of the future portrayed as? Robots, death rays - that's it. Alas, the above is no longer fiction. Robotic quadrupeds from Boston Dynamics are already on sale. Beamers are no problem either.

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American enthusiast Anthony Drake surprised. He has been involved in DIY projects for years. However, his new invention is impressive. The guy managed to assemble a portable battle laser.

Thepower is 100 watts. What can it do? It melts glass, burns through wood and thin metal. Not to mention paper. It's got a pretty good kill radius.

It's based on 20 special diodes. To produce 100 watts, they are modified. Curiously enough, Drake bought them unofficially. In regular stores such components are not available.

The design is compact - thanks to the housing from the police radar. You can hold it in one hand. Such solutions used to be more bulky. Progress has changed all that.

Drake also used lithium-ion batteries, a temperature sensor, a voltage regulator and a voltmeter. The aluminum heat sink keeps the unit from overheating.

The unit is 2,000 times more powerful than laser pointers. Not a toy at all. However, this is not the most lethal thing in Drake's arsenal. Before that, he created a real 200-watt bazooka.

It looks incredible. Unfortunately, it can hardly be called self-contained. It requires an external power source. And it only shoots at close targets.