Android Pay will be officially launched in Russia this week

15 May 2017
Surely, many are looking forward to the launch of the Android Pay payment system in Russia. While a similar service of the main competitor, Apple Pay, has been working in our country since October 4 last year, the owners of gadgets with the operating system from Google have so far only had to silently envy and wait their turn. It seems that the wait is almost at an end: according to Interfax, the launch of the payment system in Russia will take place tomorrow: May 16.Interestingly, some users have already received notification of the availability of Android Pay. Mostly, this applies to owners of gadgets running Android version 7.1.2. However, they have not added any advantages over the owners of less advanced smartphones: link your bank card, and therefore - and pay for purchases with the new payment service, they are still not able to. These features will become available simultaneously to all owners of Android-gadgets from Russia, after the official launch of the payment system in our country. It is expected that after the launch of Android Pay in Russia, the new service will support Alfa Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Sberbank and Tinkoff Bank. This means that the cardholders of these banks will be among the first to pay for purchases with their smartphones. Recall that some Android users in Russia have already managed to use a competitor to Apple Pay. I am referring to the service Samsung Pay, which was launched in our country back on September 29. However, its support boasts a very small number of smartphones of the South Korean giant. All those who can not wait to try Android Pay in practice, we have to wait a little. Provided that you have a smartphone with NFC support and a partner bank payment card, you will be able to make your first payment through the service from Google by the end of this week.