Moving along the route on Google Maps will become even easier, thanks to photo tips from Street View

16 May 2017
Google Maps users on Android gadgets will have a pleasant surprise. The fact is that now in the navigation mode is implemented support for Street View. This means that navigating even in unfamiliar areas will become even easier, thanks to the display of photos of turns, as well as other objects that will be encountered on the route.It works in the following way. Once you've created a route, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see a step-by-step route plan. At the same time, each step will now be accompanied by a photo from the Street View service. All images can be opened in full-screen mode by simply clicking on them. This will be very useful for those who are planning a trip to an unfamiliar area or city. Recall that a similar feature has already been implemented in the web-version of the service in 2008. As for the owners of mobile devices from Apple, the new feature is not yet available to them. Perhaps its support will be implemented in the upcoming update. Of course, the update has also brought a number of other innovations that everyone may get acquainted with. To do this, you only need to install the current version of the application Google Maps for Android on your gadget.