Asus will give up further development of ZenWatch gadgets

16 May 2017
It seems that soon there may be one less name on the smart watch market. The fact is that the leadership of Asus is seriously thinking about stopping further development of ZenWatch gadgets.The first gadgets ASUS ZenWatch entered the market back in 2014, and the latest model - ZenWatch 3 - at the end of 2016. Despite the attractive design, metal case with IP67 protection and good characteristics, the last generation of "smart" watches failed to meet the expectations of the manufacturer. Thus, the supply of ZenWatch gadgets is only about 5000-6000 units per month, which is negligible compared to competitors. For example, the monthly supply of Apple Watch devices is about 1.16 million units. Of course, the final decision to leave the market of "smart" watches has not yet been made by Asus management. Nevertheless, if it happens, it will become much more difficult to buy a really interesting and original product and, at least, noticeably more expensive.