The Android version of the YouTube app now has support for incognito mode

11 July 2018
Good news for owners of Android-gadgets. Now the official YouTube app will allow you to enjoy watching your favorite videos, while leaving the viewing history completely clean.The YouTube app for Android has got support for incognito mode. Recall that the testing of this feature began back in May of this year. Now, it became available to all comers. In order to watch any video without saving it in your viewing history, you need to click on your avatar in the application and click on the new button "Enable Incognito". After that, you'll see an inscription at the bottom of the screen saying, "You've gone into incognito mode." Also, only the "Home" and "Trending" items will become available in the menu. If you try to go to other sections, there will be a reminder that incognito mode is on. It's worth noting that in incognito mode, the application does not remember the videos viewed by the user. However, these activities will continue to be visible to the institution, employer, or ISP. To return to normal viewing mode, you need to click on the icon in the hat and glasses, which will replace the avatar of the user, and then click on the appropriate button. The innovation is already available to all comers. To try it out in practice, you need to download the current version of the YouTube app for Android on your smartphone or tablet.