Opera will introduce an unexpected function to the mobile version of the browser

12 July 2018
Opera developers continue to delight browser users with new features. This time, they have implemented in their product a built-in cryptocurrency wallet for Ethereum.Thanks to the novelty, Opera users will be able to both import existing wallets and create new ones right in the browser. Moreover, the innovation will allow to accept and send payments in cryptocurrency, as well as to make purchases online, without using third-party software. Recall that Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by total value, second only to Bitcoin. One of the reasons for choosing this particular currency is its use in a number of applications and games. Nevertheless, Opera developers do not have the purpose to support only Ethereum: in the future, the built-in browser wallet will support other cryptocurrencies, too. The innovation is available only in beta version of Opera for mobile devices running Android. Everyone will be able to try it out in practice very soon.