A smart speaker with a flexible screen has been announced

07 January 2020

Not all pioneers are popular. Royole, for example. It released a foldable smartphone before its competitors. Its FlexPai was ahead of Huawei Matex X and Samsung Galaxy Fold. Alas, the latter was better remembered by the public.

Image from gsmarena.com

Royole hasn't given up on experimentation, though. It brought a curious new product to the Consumer Electronic Show 2020. The Mirage Smart Speaker was shown at the show.

This is a smart gadget with an unusual body. The latter has a cylindrical shape. It has a flexible touch screen display. It is a 7.8-inch panel of AMOLED type. It occupies half of the surface.

The resolution is excellent - 1440 by 1920 pixels. Controls are performed by touch. In addition, volume and microphone controls are available. They are located at the top of the device.

The digital assistant Alexa is also supported. You can give commands by voice. Among other things, Mirage Smart Speaker is suitable for video calls. This is provided by a 5 MP camera.

As for the rest of the stuffing, there are 2 GB of RAM. Completing the configuration is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 524 processor and a 16GB flash drive.

Unfortunately, the price does not please. The Mirage Smart Speaker will cost $899 U.S. dollars. Sales will start in Q2 of this year.