Lenovo ThinkBook Plus - Laptop with E Ink Display

08 January 2020

There was an interesting announcement at CES 2020. At the event in Las Vegas, the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus laptop made its debut. It turned out to be very unusual.

Image from anandtech.com

What is the gadget impressive about? On the outside of the lid is an additional screen. The panel is based on the E Ink Cover electronic paper. The diagonal is 10.8 inches.

On the E Ink you can display your screen saver. Notifications and adding notes are also available. Want to read books? You're welcome. Also, the technology wastes almost no battery.

The main display is 13.3-inch. It has full HD resolution. Unfortunately, Lenovo is hiding details. Not all specifications are known.

Image from anandtech.com

What is clear is that the device offers up to 16GB of RAM. In the role of the processor is a chip Intel Core (10th generation). Top configurations will be equipped with Core i7 models.

Among other things, an SSD with a capacity of up to 512 GB is expected. HDMI, USB and USB Type-C ports complete the picture. The price for the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus starts at $1199. This is not a device everyone can afford.

Alas, we'll have to wait for sales until March. Earlier the novelty will not appear on the shelves.