AOC introduced a giant curved gaming monitor

17 December 2020

Playing on a regular Full HD monitor? Yesterday's day. The image is not too smooth and it lacks the diagonal size. For an impressive picture you need something better.

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AOC has created a suitable option. The company announced the AGON AG493UCX model. Sales have already started in Europe. Why is the novelty interesting? First of all, the product is huge. The size of the VA panel - 49 inches.

The second point - an unusual aspect ratio. The latter is 32:9. For comparison - this is like a pair of 27-inch QHD screens. In addition, the AGON AG493UCX is beautifully curved. The corresponding figure is 1800R. You won't miss anything - at the expense of full peripheral vision coverage. Both on the right and on the left.

The refresh rate is also pleasing - 120 Hz. For games - just perfect. A similar story with the response time. We can hope for 1 ms MPRT and 4 ms GtG. You will not have to think about blurring.

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Any rips? Jerks? There will be none of that - thanks to AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology. When HDR is turned on, latency remains low. As for resolution, the AGON AG493UCX offers 5120 by 1440 pixels.

Viewing angles are not bad - 178 degrees (vertically and horizontally). What's great - it is declared support for VESA DisplayHDR 400. There are no problems with the high dynamic range. DCI-P3 coverage reaches 90%, AdobeRGB - 90%, and sRGB - 121%.

Eyes are out of danger. They are protected from overexertion by Low Blue and FlickerFree modes. Another "chip" of the AGON AG493UCX is the ability to work with two different sources. The novelty is able to display two 16:9 images simultaneously. An interesting feature for those who are into streaming.

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The USB 3.1 hub with 3 connectors deserves special attention. Also AOC engineers did not skimp on USB Type-C (for 65 watt charging and incoming signal reception). Among other things, there are 2 Display Port 1.4 ports and a pair of HDMI 2.0.

Orders for AGON AG493UCX will start in the coming days. The approximate price in Russia will be 102,049 rubles. It is expensive to be a gamer, yes.