Huawei unveiled its first monitor

18 December 2020

There is one more monitor manufacturer. The Chinese company Huawei has decided to enter the game. And in a very unusual way. The novelty comes in a set with the branded computer MateStation B515.

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If you don't need a whole PC, you can order the screen separately. What's great is that it doesn't cost too much. The model belongs to the budget segment. Ask for the product about $ 135 (in local currency).

What can expect future owners for this money? Pretty enough 23.8-inch panel with thin bezels (left, right and top). The resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels. In addition, pleasing viewing angles - 178 degrees.

We can hope for 72 percent NTSC color space coverage. As for the contrast, it is equal to 1000:1. Plus, your eyesight won't tire - thanks to special eye protection technology.

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Signal sources are connected via VGA and HDMI connectors. Special mention should be made of the stand. It allows you to tilt the device down and up (to your liking).

It is reported that Huawei has grand plans. It is going to expand the range of monitors soon. Versions with higher refresh rates, larger size and so on will go on sale.