Apple may reduce the cost of the latest iPhones

29 December 2017
As many may have heard, the notorious Taiwanese resource DigiTimes recently reported on the possible cheapening of the flagship iPhone X. It seems that these rumors have all chances to turn out to be true.Information about the possible reduction in the price of the iPhone X has already managed to publish many analysts. In addition, they note that not only the flagship will fall in price, but also all the other smartphones in 2017: the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Analysts note that reducing the cost of the aforementioned gadgets even by 50 U.S. dollars could increase the volume of sales. It is most likely that the cheapening of the latest iPhones will occur in early 2018. New prices may be announced as early as spring, at the next Apple press event. Time will tell how this event will affect sales of new iPhones.