Apple may release a folding iPhone in 2020

26 March 2018
It seems that in two years Apple may release its first foldable gadget. The relevant information was shared by Wamsi Mohan - an analyst at the American investment bank Merrill Lynch.According to the analyst, Apple may release a foldable iPhone, which, in its unfolded state, will reach the size of the iPad mini. In this case, the device can be used not only as a smartphone, but as a full-fledged replacement for the tablet. Such versatility, together with the portability of the usual iPhone, should help the Cupertino giant to get a serious advantage in the market. The analyst drew such conclusions after meeting with representatives from a number of companies in Apple's supply chain in Asia. In addition, last year was published insider information that LG will create a folding OLED panel for the new iPhone. It is expected that their production can begin just in 2020.