Apple will have to pay a multimillion fine for "mistake 53"

20 June 2018
As some may recall, back in 2016, many iPhone 6 owners encountered "bug 53," which caused the smartphone to become inoperable. Finally, the Federal Court of Australia called Apple to account.Recall that the aforementioned error occurred in iPhone 6 owners who were repaired at third-party unauthorized service centers while trying to update or restore the firmware. At the same time, Apple in such cases refused to repair the device explaining that turning to third parties for even the smallest repairs will remove the device from warranty. The Australian government found this to be in violation of the law. The fact is that under Australian law, manufacturers are prohibited to require customers to perform repairs only at their own service centers. Thus, consumers have the right to send goods to any specialized organizations for repair. The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) conducted its own investigation and found that Apple's refusal to repair iPhone devices that have lost functionality due to "Error 53" violated local law. Then, the Federal Court of Australia fined the IT giant for 9 million Australian dollars. This amounts to about $6.6 million.