Facebook M assistant will soon cease to exist

09 January 2018
As many of you may have heard, Facebook has launched its own assistant, which has a simple name: "M." It was announced back in 2015, and then, last year, it finally became available to a wide audience. Now, after such a short period after the official launch, the specialists of the company decided to retire the assistant.Recall that the assistant is available in the mobile application Facebook Messenger. During the work, it analyzes the dialogues and, if it finds the keywords, it performs the appropriate actions. It is interesting that the work of the assistant is supported by a group of real people, who not only monitor the correspondence, but also improve the technology of machine learning and perform the actions that M can not do on its own. It seems that those few who have had time to try Facebook M and get used to it, will have to find a new assistant. According to representatives of the company, the project was originally launched in order to understand what are the needs and expectations of users when using assistants. This objective has been achieved and now the obtained information will be used in the work on other AI-projects of the company. Facebook M will stop its existence on January 19 this year. Those who liked the idea of using the virtual assistant right in the chat window can be recommended to have a look at the messenger Google Allo, which also has an integrated assistant. In addition, if we believe the rumors, the company is finishing testing support for the Russian language. If they are confirmed, Google Assistant, which is available directly in Allo, will speak Russian in the near future.