GeForce Experience will allow you to apply visual filters to games

09 January 2018
Good news for PC gamers. Nvidia has announced the Freestyle feature, which will appear in the new version of GeForce Experience and will allow you to apply visual filters to games in real time.The feature is still under testing, but it already allows you to apply 15 filters with 38 different settings to more than 100 projects, if you believe the company's representatives. Effects available include sepia, black and white, retro and others. Any of them can be applied in real time, right during the game. One of the main features of the Freestyle feature is the presence of color blindness mode. As the name implies, it makes the game palette more convenient for colorblind people and will help to distinguish colors more easily. In addition, GeForce Experience will give users the opportunity to use a special night mode. It is designed to reduce the amount of blue, which will help to fall asleep faster after an evening game. It is worth adding that the aforementioned feature - Freestyle, will be available to everyone after installing GeForce Experience 3.12 and the game driver version 390.