Avast: "Results of recent AV-Comparatives test are alarming"

29 March 2019

A recent study by AV-Comparatives found that more than half of Android antiviruses were useless. The experts tested about 250 antivirus programs, of which only 80 met the minimum security requirements. Among the leaders of the list are McAfee, Avast and Symantec.

AV-Comparatives representatives believe that ineffective antiviruses are aimed only at making money from their purchases and not at protecting users from malware.

Nikolaos Chrysaidos, Head of Mobile Threats and Security at Avast, finds the AV-Comparatives test results alarming and proves that there are many apps in the Google Play store that cannot be trusted.

Avast is happy with its results, as well as some other well-known antivirus software vendors. At the same time, Nikolaos Chrysaidos advises users to thoroughly research products, check the vendor's reputation and listen to independent reviews from other users, reputable websites or independent labs, such as AV-Comparatives, when choosing software.