Bethesda will please its fans with five new games at once

21 February 2017
A whole generation of gamers grew up on The Elder Scrolls games, so perhaps the company Bethesda needs no introductions. To this day the company continues to please the players and, apparently, is not going to stop there: according to the recently published information, a number of new projects are being worked on.We only know that Bethesda plans to release VR-version of Fallout 4 and Skyrim for Nintendo Switch. It is reported that work on five more games, one of which will be released exclusively for mobile devices. All those who were hoping to see The Elder Scroll VI soon should be disappointed: the developers hastened to deny rumors about its possible release in the coming years. However, according to them, they are really working on two well-known for the company "big" games, which should surpass the previously released. There is no specific information about the project, but the developers hinted that they are planning to improve the story presentation in their new open-world games. As for the mobile exclusive, it is expected to take the experience gained from Fallout Shelter game, which has already brought $ 5.1 million for the first two weeks after the release. By the way, the work on this project is still going on, which not only means the regular updates, but also the game's release on new platforms. So, recently "Shelter" became available for Xbox One and Windows 10 users and, judging by the rumors, began its way to PlayStation 4. It seems that fans of Bethesda can only wait for more information and hope that the company will not lose face while working on so many large-scale projects in parallel.