WhatsApp statuses will become a copy of Snapchat Stories

21 February 2017

WhatsApp messenger continues to attract more and more users. And no wonder, because the developers are making it more and more convenient and functional with each update. Not so long ago, WhatsApp got a two-step verification function, and now it has borrowed one of the most interesting features of Snapchat.

We're talking about the function of publishing stories that disappear 24 hours after they appear, borrowed also by the developers of Instagram and the mobile applications of the social network VKontakte. However, in the case of WhatsApp, they are called "statuses". The launch of the new feature is timed to coincide with the eighth anniversary of the messenger, which will be held on February 24, although you can try out the novelty in practice now.

As a status, which, by the way, is protected by end-to-end encryption, you can publish a photo and video, and then complement them with different emoji, text, or by finishing drawing something manually. At the same time, the created statuses will be automatically deleted one day after publication. In addition, there is a special statistic that allows you to find out which users from your contact list have seen a status.

Function of the updated statuses publication is already launched and will be available for everyone on any platforms in the nearest future.