Microsoft Edge is preparing to conquer Android and iOS

09 October 2017
Users of the latest operating system from Microsoft have probably already tried the Edge browser. Of course, it has its pros and cons, but many Windows 10 owners have opted for it. And soon, there will be another reason to prefer the product from Microsoft.We are talking about the upcoming release of Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS. In itself, this is not surprising and does not contribute to the popularity of the browser, if it were not for one interesting feature. The thing is that the mobile Edge will sync with the desktop version of the program. This will allow users to start a site on one device and continue on another. In addition, Edge will allow passwords and reading lists to be synchronized, making them available on both the mobile device and the PC, at any time. As a nice bonus - the program will get a built-in QR-code scanner. The release of the mobile version of Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS is expected by the end of 2017. Nevertheless, everyone can try out its test version right now: to do this, it is necessary to join the Windows Insiders program at a special site. However, Edge beta version can't boast about the support of Android tablets and iPad devices yet, but the developers promise to fix the situation soon.