Apple brought back the App Store in a special version of iTunes

10 October 2017
Not so long ago, an updated version of iTunes was released, in which users were no longer able to use the built-in App Store. It seems that the idea of turning the program into a media player did not appeal to everyone, and Apple returned the app store to it.Recall that last month the version of iTunes for Windows and macOS was released under the number 12.7. It lost the ability to install mobile applications on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as change ringtones for your smartphone. The next update can be called, in a sense, a step backwards. The fact is that the latest version of iTunes, which has been returned to the recently lost features, has a younger number - 12.6.3. According to Apple representatives, the update is designed exclusively for enterprise users. The reason for this is that many business partners need the ability to install applications to mobile devices using the desktop iTunes. However, this does not mean that everyone who wants to can't install the "younger" version of the program on their PC or Mac manually.