Microsoft gives up on further development of Windows 10 Mobile

10 October 2017
It's no secret that Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows 10 Mobile, is not particularly popular among users. If previously the company tried to change the situation in every possible way, now, it seems, it intends to give up. Joe Belfiore - Microsoft corporate vice president for operating systems, in his Twitter-account published a number of unequivocal messages. According to him, the company has repeatedly tried to get third-party developers to create new, in-demand apps for Windows 10 Mobile. But no measures have had the desired effect. Due to this, Microsoft has decided to stop developing its own mobile operating system.However, this does not mean that Windows 10 Mobile will stop getting bug fixes and security updates. Microsoft will only stop working on hardware solutions and introducing new features. On the other hand, such statements cannot have a positive impact on the already low popularity of mobile Windows 10 and it is possible that this operating system will soon leave the market completely.