"Yandex will resell cars

11 October 2017
According to the Izvestia newspaper, Yandex may soon start buying used cars for further resale through the Avto.ru platform.Yandex representatives themselves confirmed this information. According to them, 21 cars have already been sold within the project testing, despite the fact that the company does not have its own showroom. It is expected that the agreements with the partner stations for the placement of vehicles will be concluded, when the number of sold cars will start to amount to thousands. Yandex will share more details in about a month. However, it is known that the resold cars must meet some criteria. For example, Yandex requires not more than two owners on the PTS, the legal purity of the vehicle, the serviceability of all equipment, including the interior, and the lack of major repairs. Time will tell how well these requirements will be enforced.