Bright Memory is an incredible single-player shooter

27 March 2020

Modern games are developed by large teams. Hundreds of people work on AAA hits. Can one enthusiast compete with them?

Bright Memory proves that yes (to a certain extent). The project was created by FYQD-Studio. The latter - until recently - consisted of a guy with the nickname FYQD.

Bright Memory is a beautiful FPS on the Unreal Engine 4. For FYQD it's a dream he dedicated himself to. It didn't take long for success to arrive. The shooter hit Steam early access and won quite a few fans.

Bright Memory has been evaluated by about 12 thousand users. Of these, 93 percent recommend the item for purchase. Why is this happening? FYQD has combined a lot of fascinating elements.

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First, there's the ultra-fast action. The battles don't let you get bored. To win, you have to combine different abilities and skills. Without combo attacks you can not survive.

Secondly, an excellent picture. FYQD has made the most of Unreal Engine 4. It is hard to believe that such a single player can do. However, the gameplay is limited to 1.5 hours. What we have before us is a sort of opening episode.

The protagonist of Bright Memory is Agent Shelia. She serves in the SRO, an organization dedicated to supernatural research. Her job is to prevent SAI terrorists from taking possession of ancient artifacts. It's about relics that bring the dead back to life.

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Shelia wields edged and firearms. Guns and swords on their own do little damage to enemies. But in combination, they cause devastating damage. With their help she has to get away from the mysterious flying continent.

There is a Russian localization. What's great - they ask for pennies for Bright Memory. Now it is sold on Steam for 157 rubles. On April 1 the action ends and the price will rise to 235 p. Thrifty should hurry.

Next - steeper. The idea appealed to the general public. This inspired FYQD-Studio to hire several employees. Together with them FYQD is making an extended version of the game. It is called Bright Memory: Infinite.

Bright Memory: Infinite will be a real mystery game. The story will be improved and new levels will be added. In fact FYQD-Studio is preparing a full-fledged story. The published trailer promises something amazing.

The ambitions of Bright Memory: Infinite are great. A release for the PS4 and Xbox One ports is announced. We will know what will come out of this idea in the next few months. Stay tuned.