HUAWEI Watch GT2e smart watch works for 2 weeks

27 March 2020

Do you like the Watch GT2 from HUAWEI? Good news for you. The Chinese giant has introduced an improved version of the watch. They are called Watch GT2e and please with the design. The gadget should appeal to athletes and fitness fans.

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One of the Watch GT2e's main features is its battery life. HUAWEI promises up to 2 weeks of operation without recharging (in standard mode). With GPS constantly on, the product will last 30 hours. Music can be listened to for 24 hours without interruption.

This is guaranteed by a 455 mAh battery. The device also tracks heart rate, stress level, and blood oxygen saturation. It also claims to monitor sleep and sports training.

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Watch GT2e will tell you the number of calories burned and steps walked. In addition, the chronometer synchronizes with your smartphone. This is needed to display notifications and receive incoming calls. The connection is made via Bluetooth 5.1.

The device is suitable as a player. There are 400 songs on a 4 GB flash drive. Information is displayed on a 1.39-inch AMOLED-screen. The display resolution is 454 by 454 pixels.

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The listed is provided by the proprietary Kirin A1 processor. Among other things, there is water protection. The Watch GT2e is allowed to swim in a pool or the ocean. But they are not suitable for diving.

In Europe, for a novelty ask from 199 euros. The price in Russia - 11 990 rubles (which is cheaper). Pre-orders have begun. Retail sales will start on April 10 this year.

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There are three colors to choose from: green, red and black. A nice surprise for pre-order customers. They will get Freebuds lite wireless headset as a gift. It's expensive - 7,990 rubles (if you buy it separately).