Broadcom may buy out Qualcomm

07 November 2017
At the end of last week, a number of major publications, such as Bloomberg and Reuters, published information about Broadcom Corporation's intention to acquire Qualcomm, one of the leading companies in the field of mobile processor development. Finally, some details of the official bid have been revealed.It is reported that the total amount of the deal could reach $130 billion. In its takeover bid, Broadcom has expressed willingness to pay $70 per Qualcomm security, which is 28% higher than their actual value as of November 2 this year. It is also known that for each share, only $60 will be paid in cash. The rest of the amount will be transferred in the form of securities. Qualcomm representatives also confirmed receiving an offer from Broadcom. However, there was no official comment on the matter. Qualcomm plans to consult with its financial and legal advisers before making any decisions. More information will be released when the board reviews all relevant materials.