Bye Bye Camera will help to remove a person from a photo

26 June 2019

This app is capable of detecting a person's silhouette and then filling it with the texture that best matches the background. Almost always the fill looks organic. However, there are some interesting exceptions.

бай бай камера приложение, убирающее людей с фото

Bye Bye Camera is a project by an artist named damjanski and a group of his friends. The application can automatically cut out a person or several people from a photo. The developer called the program his new brush. TechCrunch writes about the novelty in the world of software.

Damjanski says: "The project was created with the participation of two of my colleagues from Russia. Some time ago I put together a collective called Do Something Good. There were people in it that I collaborated with online. Now the team includes 16 people. These people are from different spheres of activity, but what unites us is the realization of projects. Bye Bye Camera removes a person from the photo, and I see it as an application of the posthuman era. This is the future, where complex programs will replace people or will displace them altogether".

Bye Bye Camera приложение

According to the developer, a person looks like a set of pixels from an artificial intelligence point of view. The app uses a YOLO (You Only Look Once) object classifier and a tool called context-sensitive filler for its analysis. The neural network analyzes the background and, based on the data obtained, fills silhouettes of people with the texture most similar to it.

With Bye Bye Camera, you can remove all the people in the photo at once. The creator of the application says that many users have asked to create an application that allows you to cut a particular person from the photo, but he says it's all about uncompromising.

Bye Bye Camera can be downloaded from the AppStore for 229 rubles.