Google will start to automatically clear browser history after 18 months

27 June 2019

The company thought about the safety of its users and decided to optimize the browser. Now all history, from search queries to general movement history, will be automatically deleted.

Depending on user settings, the history will be cleared after 3 or 18 months. For those users who don't set their own timeframe and don't use the new option, the cleanup will take place once every 18 months.

Google будет автоматически чистить историю историю браузера

This feature is very useful, because when the browser cache stores a lot of data, it starts to "slow down". As a result, navigating through tabs and pages becomes a slow process. At first, these features will be available for geolocation history, apps and web search.

The developers of the option say that the "clean up" feature will appear gradually. First, its happy owners will be the users of mobile versions of the browser - iOS and Android. On these platforms, the option will be available within a month.