The Ministry of Communications will oblige Russian developers to install applications on imported smartphones

28 June 2019

Smartphone manufacturers may make it compulsory to bring into Russia gadgets with already installed applications of Russian developers. A number of media published the news today with reference to the amendments prepared by the Ministry of Communications.

The law does not specify exactly how much software from Russian developers should be installed in smartphones. However, the new draft makes it possible for the government to set their number. So, it is possible that in the near future it will be known the exact number of programs required to be installed.

Минкомсвязи обяжет устанавливать приложения российских разработчиков на ввозимые смартфоны

Also, the law does not specify the type of applications, which can be messengers, maps, search engines, as well as some more narrowly focused software.

Some sources noted that the draft amendments are similar to the concept of the Federal Antimonopoly Service. We shall remind you that there was a question about pre-installation of applications of Russian developers on the smartphones supplied.

We also note that, for example, Huaweiconsidersthe Aurora operating system as an alternative to Android.