How is online check-in dangerous for passengers?

12 February 2019

Many people have probably checked in for flights online. It is undoubtedly convenient, saves a lot of time and effort. However, not many people think that online check-in can be dangerous.

According to experts, if you check in for a plane on the Internet, personal data can be intercepted by hackers. The fact is that some of the air carriers use unencrypted links. That is why the data entered by the user at the registration for the plane online, can be seized by hackers. The question was addressed by a group of researchers from a major company in the field of Internet security.

To get access to all credentials, the hacker only needs to use the same Wi-Fi network.

An intruder would be able to make changes to a passenger's reservation. This insecurity of the system was first discovered in late 2018.

The company's Internet security experts recommended using encryption during check-in. In addition, it is necessary for the system to require user identification before entering.

By the way, on December 21, the Moscow transport prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit against Pobeda. The airline required passengers to pay for check-in at airports abroad.